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Reebok ATV 19+ First Look

The Reebok ATV 19+ picks up right where Reebok left off with the RealFlex Run and ZigTech. A semi-normal upper sporting a wildly designed outsole. This time the outsole is inspired by ATV tire tread and a reaction ball.

Reebok claims the ATV 19+ gives the wearer more stability than a traditional shoe on all types of rugged terrain. UFC star Rampage Jackson was signed to promote the shoe. The Reebok ATV 19+ will cost $140 and be available in February.

Fast Company was the first to preview these shoes and had one of their writers wear test the ATV 19+. Hit the jump to see a quick review of the shoe, a detailed shot of the shoe, and Rampage Jackson’s commercial.

Chuck Salter from Fast Company on his wear test:

This shoe is the ultimate example of Reebok’s “technology you can feel” principle. During my test-walk (and test-jog) at Reebok’s HQ, the shoes felt unlike any other sneaker style. It’s more of a hybrid: The heel cushion is running-shoe soft, yet when I pivoted, the lugs on the side gripped the ground like a tennis shoe. Though the most rugged terrain I faced was commercial carpet, it was clear that the soles were up to the challenge of more daunting topography.

Chuck’s initial thoughts have piqued my interest. I am anxious to try this shoe as I think the design has some potential. The RealFlex Run was a solid shoe and I think the ATV 19+ takes the “individual tread” idea to the extreme. Keep checking Kicks Off Court for performance teasers and reviews once the shoes launch. Oh, and enjoy this look at the Reebok ATV 19+ courtesy of Rampage Jackson:


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  1. reminds me alot of adidas gil zero three pod and t-mac 6′s five pod formotion system (formerly ground control system or gcs). nice gimmick for these shoes though. hopefully they perform well.

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