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Kanye West Signs Deal With Adidas Y-3?


Kanye West has signed to adidas, leaving Nike to pursue a full line of clothing with adidas’ Y-3 line called “YEEZI.” (redit.com/sneakers)

“You see me in interviews how I want to do clothes… I want to let you know I signed my deal a week and a half ago,”

West stated during his performance. He continues on for four minutes speaking on being locked out of higher fashion outlets, and being exploited and limited during his time with Nike. West, who spent time at the 2014 Mercedes Benz NYNW show, spent time with Y-3 lead designer Yohji Yamamoto, with many speculating the relationship continued past the Spring show. The partnership will be welcomed by adidas, who will undoubtedly enjoy a surge of popularity and sales from working with the rapper mogul.

How will the adidas brand look with the addition of Kanye West? The sky is the limit, with the potential for Yeezy to touch every aspect of the line, from high fashion down to performance wear. Stay posted for official word on where Kanye West has signed, and let us know what you think of the potential partnership.

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  1. Good, now hype beasts can move on.

    And good for adidas too, they could use the street cred. those j scott bears aren’t good for anything.

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